David Teszár

English-Korean-Hungarian Wedding MC

Resolved action, elegance and cooperation – these are the core principles that guide my work as an international wedding MC. Before your big day I will serve as a loyal consultant. On the wedding day I will do my very best to contribute to the success of your wedding as a conductor.


On the brightest day of your life, you have a whole staff behind you. As a master of ceremonies, one of my tasks is to coordinate the work of the wedding service providers to ensure a totally smooth and enjoyable experience for both you and the guests.

The Invisible Hand

At the wedding I work based on a carefully crafted script, while maintaining flexibility and calmness in the wake of unexpected situations. On such an important day filled with anticipation, it is important to have someone in control of events – a person who is in the right place at the right time, and yet does not show up more than needed.

Elegantly, Responsibly

You cannot repeat a wedding, everything must work out well for the first time – with ease and harmony. I will be there to help you to make sure that everything happens the way you previously envisioned, and assist you in creating an experience that you will never forget.

“My aim is to serve as a bridge enhancing the cultural understanding between the guests and making sure everybody is relaxed and have a great time.”

My motto as an international wedding MC

Nuptial ceremony – Just like in the movies

Imagine your wedding just like in your favourite romantic film – kind, cozy and cheerful. If you are looking for novelties, make the most important moment of it, the exchange of the vows, the way you truly are.

After all, it is not a priest, an office, or a piece of paper that creates the basis of your marriage, but the very promise that you make to one another and keep for a lifetime. Let’s make this wedding vow beautiful and memorable.

We are different and have even more diverse ideas about weddings, but we all agree that the emotional climax of a ceremony is the exchange of the wedding vows. This is why it matters where and how it happens.

It is my pleasure to offer you a nuptial ceremony in three languages (Hungarian, English, Korean) without additional fees.

Member of the Association of the Hungarian Master of Ceremonies

David Teszár has been a member of the Association of the Hungarian Master of Ceremonies since 2019. After a strict traineeship consisting of attending 30 weddings and gaining the necessary theoretical knowledge, he passed our professional exam with distinction. We are pleased to recommend David to any couple planning an elegant wedding.


I look forward to your honorable request..